Everyone Deserves Opportunity


Mission and Vision Statements

The Shundo Foundation exists to develop and implement a model community program encouraging self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life of those most in need. We provide meals to the hungry, distribute food throughout our communities, and more while educating the public about solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty. Our Vision is to be a community movement to assist those who are financially challenged, living in poverty, or trying to make a change to establish sustainability amongst those in need through networking efforts, relationship building, and the personal investments of our supporters. We are a team of local communities, churches, businesses and nonprofit organizations working together for the common purpose in sharing a vision to minimize poverty and help people get back on their feet after devastating loss (fire, divorce, death of a spouse/child, loss of a job, etc.) thereby enhancing the wholeness and wellness of the people within the local communities.

What we do

We are volunteers who work to help alleviate hunger by unconditionally providing food and community-based initiatives that focus on the transformation of those financially challenged or living in poverty. Our ultimate goal is to enhance lives by connecting people with services that enable productivity and promote growth within their communities. We envision a community where no one goes hungry for lack of food or funds; where a good meal is a nutritious meal; where our community learns to steward natural and financial resources wisely; where we share to make opportunities available to those who seek them. The dynamics of our mission are to:

  • provide quality service and resources to encourage and equip those most in need.
  • increase the return on each dollar invested towards building healthier children, youth, families, and seniors.

• increase the number of people served in becoming more independent and productive citizens.


Supporting and empowering communities realizing LOVE isn’t LOVE until you give it away.

The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart.  Our hearts are invested in the lives of the people we service.


We engage our local community every day! If you want to join our cause Get Involved!

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